IEvolving. While Ruthless is known for its origins, steeped in the sounds of the 80s so revered by metal fans, the new band lineup is seeking to create a fresh but familiar sound through mixing other movements in metal music; the relentless energy of thrash music, the haunting melodic twists of death metal, and the intricacies of progressive metal. This Spring will see the new album from Ruthless titled “The Evil Within”. It promises to delve more deeply into familiar themes of war and conflict with new perspectives and   melodic inventions that will surprise their fans, but still have them feeling the same as when they first heard “Metal Without Mercy”.   “The Evil Within” will be released by Pure Steel as a follow up to “They Rise”, the bands return from “retirement” that The Metal Gods Meltdown website rates “... a first rate  album of pure unadulterated Metal to be enjoyed, savored and moshed to!” and Metal Forces said “... with this truly demonic slab of vintage metal. In fact, it’s as if Ruthless have simply continued from where they left us in those halcyon days of rock.”

    In 2008, DeJohn was contacted by the organizer of the Keep It True Fest in Germany and asked if Ruthless would reunite to play the festival. The band, consisting of ; DeJohn., Kenny McGee, Jim Durkin (Dark Angel), bassist  Jack Black and drummer Bob Guitrau performed at the 2009 Keep It True festival..  That lineup disbanded shortly after, but DeJohn and McGee would return again in 2011 with  Marc McGee (bass), Dave Watson (guitar, Hirax, Deathriders) and Jason Van Slyke (drums). In 2013 they released “They Rise” through Pure Steel Records with Bill Metoyer producing.  Support for the new album included a revisit to Germany for the 2015 Headbangers Open Air, and  to Athens, Greece for the 2016 Up the Hammers Festival. The departure of Van Slyke, Marc and Ken McGee followed in April of 2016, prompting the addition of Shannon Frye, Lawrence Toledo and Sandy Vasquez (Bloodlust, Deathriders) to the band lineup.  The recent departure of Toledo and Frye would make way for drummer Dave Chedrick (Hirax, Deathriders, Anger as Art) and Chris Westfall (Charlie Good) on guitar.   Ruthless added Joe Aghassi (Axe Hammer, Revmatix) on drums following the sudden departure of Dave Chedrick.

  2019 marks the return of Kenny McGee to the band which now consists of Sammy Dejohn-vocals, Kenny McGee-guitars, Chris Westfall-guitars, Sandy K. Vasquez-bass, and Joe Aghassi-drums. The highly anticipated new album, "Evil Within" is set for release in May on Pure Steel Records with many shows coming up over the next several months.

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Photography: Jerry Averill, Brent Banks and Troy Tackett